"The Chaplain provides spiritual support to the students of
NationsUniversity and other Christian leaders."



Chaplain's Mission: The NU Chaplain provides spiritual support to the University's students, faculty and staff by "coming along side" via the Internet with words, actions and relationships that draw the individual closer to God and His love. The ChaplainsCorner is a "virtual bridge" to the caring relationships suggested by II Corinthians 1:3-4.

The NU Chaplain is available for one on one counseling and interaction through email at Chaplain Allen. These interactions are intended to be a "place of safety" for participants to express themselves and receive pastoral care in their walk through life's transitions, chaos and uncertainties.

"Do you need prayer? Are you experiencing spiritual distress? Life's problems? Email Chaplain Allen and let him help."

NationsUniversity's chaplain is available for counseling ...