Welcome to the Chaplain's Corner!

image The Chaplain's Corner provides compassionate support to the seriously ill, distressed and disrupted, especially those who are in remote or otherwise isolated communities. Our Chaplain does this by coming along side via the Internet. We seek to graciously help a fallen world stand up again.

The Chaplain is available for one-on-one counseling and interaction through email and in some cases, video conferencing. These interactions are intended to be a "place of safety" for participants to confidentially express themselves and receive pastoral care as they walk through life's transitions, chaos and uncertainties.

In addition, The Chaplain's Corner website provides prayers, reflections and other resources that can be of help. From time to time the Chaplain also offers webinars and other targeted training opportunities that you may find of use.

"Do you need prayer? Are you experiencing spiritual distress? Are life's problems too much to bear? Contact - Allen Thyssen, Chaplain and let him help."