The Seed Bag

Forward and Prologue

Compiled by Allen Thyssen





It is a worthy adventure to bridge the past and discover practical truths lived by those who blazed the trail of life ahead of us.

"Seeds for Growing the Life You Really Want" can become a fast track to a surer life foundation. We will all make plenty of errors along the way, but perhaps this will help the reader to travel further in less time and with less stress than will the "lone ranger" who refuses to learn from others' successes and mistakes (or their own)

Where my personal actions fall short of my own words, I will entrust the conflict to the reader's merciful judgment.


A life is grown. It does not just happen or appear over night.

Each of our lives is like a garden. They require thoughtful preparation and tilling before the seeds are planted. A garden must also be tended as the seeds sprout and while they produce the intended fruit.

Poor native soil and poor initial preparation can be compensated for, but that will be more difficult than preparing the soil correctly the first time. In life's words, it is easier to form a habit than to change one!