Prayers For Tough Times

I Do Not Know

I do not know what
this day will bring.

A cavern dark and fearsome
looms befoe me.
Unknown passages await me.
I do not know my way
in the darkness.
Lost and afraid, I face this day.

Take my hand. Lead me.
Be my light to guide my steps.
Be my strength to live this day.
Be my courage to face
whatever comes.
Be my confidence in every

I do not ask that You go
with me.
Rather, I pray that I will go
with You.
Nothing is too much for you.
in Your presence I am safe.

If I rise tomorrow, may I
live that day as it comes.
And if I do not rise,
I will RISE!

By Steven Spidell, Presbyterian Outreach to Patients, Texas Medical Center,
Houston Texas