Meet the Webmaster
I live in San Diego, California, USA. What a marvelous experience it has been for me to develop, design and maintain this web site beginning September 2014! I met Chaplain Allen 14 years ago at a fundraising dinner in Houston, Texas and we have worked on creating media on and off throughout the years.

Susan Giaruso, webmaster
Susan Giaruso, San Diego, CA with her Cavalier, Bailey

Allen is a compassionate individual who communicates openly a loving heart toward those in need and ... teaching as he goes ... spreading encouragement to ease the burden of many!

I am a cancer survivor of 20 years. So, I can identify with those of you that are hurting. One of my two adult daughters died a few years ago from an eating disorder. A mother's pain seems like no other than to lose a child. But, as a child of God, it gives me a heart to encourage those who are hurting, understanding loss ... those who want to grow within themselves and give support to surrounding communities. We must forge ahead and prepare ourselves for service to others.

Chaplains Corner is a wonderful resource for many and I'm thrilled to be a part of this team.

If you, an individual, a company or a non-profit organzation need a web site, let me know. email